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Oxbo Rentals is built on a solid foundation of trust and reliability. We are more than just a rental company – we are your dependable ally when you find yourself in a bind. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced in various industries, we are dedicated to providing swift solutions to complete your project or get you back to work in no time.

Our mission is not only to provide exceptional service but also to create a sense of community by serving our friends and neighbors with utmost dedication. Count on us to be there when you need us the most, ensuring your success in every endeavor.

Equipment solutions when and where you need it most

We pride ourselves on delivering equipment rental solutions precisely when and where you need them the most. Timing is crucial in your projects and emergencies can arise unexpectedly. That’s why we offer flexible and responsive services, ensuring our equipment is readily available to meet your demands. Whether it’s a construction site breakdown or an urgent agricultural task, or a DIY home project we are dedicated to providing timely support and reliable equipment solutions.



Over 20 pieces of equipment
to fit your needs.

We offer delivery to NE
Indiana, and NW Ohio.

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